MATHS SPECIALIST'S Maths Tuition is Not Simply an ordinary Maths Tuition. They do not 'torture' their students by drilling tons of Maths questions. To them, drilling is NOT a wise way to score 'A' in Maths. In their Maths Tuition, students are trained to be observant, which is an important skill in society, so that the students are able to know which are the important topics to focus on first, so that the rest of the Maths Topics will be easily grasped. In fact by being observant, then they can Learn Less significantly, but still able to achieve 'A', with even Lesser Efforts and time. That is the uniqueness in their Maths Tuition, not simply training them to score 'A' in Maths, but in every aspect in life whenever is possible, just through learning Maths with them.

In many other normal Maths Tuition, Maths tutors will simply tell their students what are the important Maths Topics to focus, whereas in MATHS SPECIALIST, they train them to be able to tell them. How? They cannot reveal to us, as that is their secrets recipes, which make them outstanding.

MATHS SPECIALIST even have ways to eliminate careless mistakes, not less but 100%. Their Maths Tutors will train their students to do it till they are unconscious competence.  In other Maths Tuition, their Maths Tutors will only keep telling or reminding their students ... Please write clearly and be Careful! The worst advice is to keep telling them ... Don't be careless. Such advice will subconsciously telling them to be even more careless.  They don't REMIND, they TRAIN, as Talk is Cheap!

They even have an advance way to eliminate Careless Mistakes 100%, by doing prevention, checking and solving concurrently. That is awesome! Such way enables the students to achieve 100% Accuracy at a faster speed!

And also in any ordinary Maths Tuition, maths tutors taught their student various strategies to solve just a particular maths question, which the Maths Tutors in MATHS SPECIALIST don't do that, because that might confused them , if you put yourself into the students' situation. They usually let them TRY IT OUT First, even if they do not know how. By doing so, they will sharpen their guessing skill and increase their courage to try. Their students are also trained to tap on their common sense and utilize it to the fullest as well.

In MATHS SPECIALIST, their Maths Tutors 'love' to train their students on just one particular thing to train indirectly on everything. This is what they mean by LESS IS EVEN MORE!

Unlike any other ordinary Maths Tuition, the Maths Tuition in MATHS SPECIALIST, hardly tells their students to memorize any maths formula like a robot, but learn like a human beings, by understanding the Maths Formulas through observation, by using their common sense again.

They always trained their students to tap on their common sense rather than their intelligent. But why? You need click here to find out more by asking their Founder - Mr K L Chua personally.

They even have students joining them since very young, even though they have already scoring 'A' consistently,  but still having their Maths Tuition will MATHS SPECIALIST. Why? So that they can learn more advance techniques which can apply in other subjects, and even in life as well. That is why once they graduated from their Maths Tuition after their 'O' Level, they are very grateful about what they have learned in MATHS SPECIALIST. They came back and become their Founder's kopi friends. Do you know they have one kopi friend for more than 15 years, and is still counting? Where else in Singapore, can you find such an awesome Maths Tuition? Except MATHS SPECIALIST.

Some of them returned and help out in MATHS SPECIALIST as an Assistant Maths Tutor, to inspire the students during Maths Tuition. Due to their small age gap, their inspiration can be far more effective, beyond our wildest expectation.

Apart from any ordinary Maths Tuition, they don't end their teaching and relationship with a full Stop, after 'O' level. They continued for FREE. Why? It is NOT just about Scoring an 'A' in Maths, other subjects and Life, but so much beyond, even beyond the description of words!

Do you want your child to be Part of their Family? Do you want your child to have many wonderful and supportive friends, and mentor forever? The Choice is Yours! For more information, Click Here!

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