Tips on Making Your Ad Effective

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Tips to make your advertisement very effective and to be Top-Ranked in Search Engine... 

To Make Your Ad Effectively, You must...

1) The best Photo of You,
2) A Powerful Headline,
3) Write a brief article about yourself!

How to write good articles?
Simple, Direct and Confident about Yourself... and 

ask Yourself this powerful question>>>
What so good about yourself that 'attract' students?

4) Leave your Full Name, Contact No, Email Address, Website, 1 to 1 tuition or 
    Group Tuition, Your Teaching Areas and etc.
5) Be Clear, Reasonable Short and Sweet! 

How to Make Your Ad to be Top-Ranked in Search Engine? 
Focus on keywords that you want people to search for you. Make them appeared frequently and must be able to make sense. Never focus on too many keywords. Keep to 3 Keywords in 1 article only.

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Anonymous said...

Is there tuition for A levels math?

Anonymous said...

You can scroll down to search for Maths Tutors who are specialised in 'A' Levels Maths.

I do my best to post tutors who I think is good.

Attitude is Everything while abilities is not.

For Maths Specialist, we focus from Primary to Secondary Only.

Anonymous said...
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chillyads said...

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