Math Mastery™ taught at Adam Khoo Learning Centre

Primary Level

Math Mastery™ is a revolutionary whole-brain integration learning system that uses the "Arrow Transfer Model" (ATM) to solve sums. Students are taught to use a combination of arrows, colors, shapes and directions to solve all types of Math questions, thus allowing them to maximize the use of both their left and right brains. It is a simple yet unique system that benefits both the strong and weaker students, not only in scoring the A* they deserve but at the same time ensuring that they gain the confidence that will help to pave their way smoothly into Secondary school and beyond.
ATM re-presents Math in a manner that helps to eliminate the language barrier that used to make understanding questions a mind-blogging challenge. With ATM, students will no longer need to struggle with Math and can get the correct answers within 5 fun and simple steps. Math Mastery™ is guaranteed to help your child perceive and be able to solve Math sums in a whole new way. No longer will Math be seen as problems, but as simple solutions!

Secondary Level

Math Mastery™ in the Secondary Level is a revolutionary whole-brain integration learning system that uses the HEIR - "Hook", "EXPLORE", "INQUIRE" and "REINFORCE" & "REFLECT LEARNING MODEL" to impart mathematical skills to students. Your child will be taught the latest accelerated learning and experiential learning techniques that will allow him/her to understand the purpose behind every skill/technique, and be empowered to develop new skills to solve the problem or event; eliminating the need for hard memory, and in the process become the "mathematician" themselves by understanding and constructing new knowledge.
Math Mastery™ in the Secondary Level will help your child acquire lifelong mathematical skills needed for mathematical achievement. The HEIR learning process makes Math relevant, logical, creative and adventurous. These elements will drive your child towards better grades in school!

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