Maths Tuition Available (Individual or Group Maths Tuition)

Subjects for tuition:
  • A level: JC Maths Tuition (H1/H2/H3)
  • O level: Elementary Maths Tuition (E Maths), Additional Maths Tuition (A Maths)
  • Upper Primary Maths Tuition
Other subjects:
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) Maths Tuition
  • IP (Integrated Programme) Maths Tuition
  • Olympiad Maths Tuition
  • GEP Maths Tuition
  • SAT, GRE, AP Maths Tuition & Others
Our Maths Tuition is Exam Oriented, and focuses on techniques to do well in exam. We will also instil an interest in Maths in our students, which is a long-term approach to improve their mathematical understanding and passion for mathematics.

Our Maths Tutor, Mr William Wu, is patient, experienced and dedicated. (from Raffles Institution (GEP), NUS Mathematics B.Sc. (First Class Honours), Dean’s List)

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