How to be Good in Math!

This video is on the book A mind for Numbers, how to excel at math and science (even if you flunked Algebra) by Barbara Oakley

IMPORTANT POINTS/SUMMARY of How to be Good in Math

- Note the CONCEPT
- Note as many STEPS as you can to get to the SOLUTION
- Add details, like ANNOTATION, WHEN and WHY to use a formula, and DRAW diagram
- For things that you don’t understand, make it EVIDENT and look it up later

1. Prepare a STUDY CALENDAR, spread out your study session into short intense burst with the Pomodoro technique. (25 mins study, 5 minutes break and repeat)
2. Create a MENTAL PUMP, skim through the chapter to see the big picture or the main idea
3. Do some EXERCISES, to find out how and why theory work and avoid the illusion of understanding.
4. Prepare MEMORIZATION AID, use flash card for formulas and concepts
5. Work on a key problem:
- Do the key problem all the way through on paper
- Take a little break and redo it and pay attention to key processes or difficult steps
- Do it one last time the next day
- Repeat the whole process for another key problem

- Read through the exam to prime your brain and spot the hardest problem
- Spend 1 or 2 minutes on the hardest problem and swiftly switch to an easy question before coming back.
- Save some time to proofread yourself by following a different sequence that you did the exam

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