F9 to A1 in A.MATHS & E.MATHS is POSSIBLE!!!

F9 to A1 in A.Maths is definitely POSSIBLE! The Educationist has collected result slips from their students over more than 10 years. This is to prove our track records in helping our students achieve success in A.Maths & E.Maths! The Educationist has a 100% success record in helping students pass their Promotional Re-Exams in A.Maths & Integrated Maths. These students are then able to get promoted to Sec 4. This achievement is even more impressive considering The Educationist has only slightly more than a month after SA2 to help these students pass their Promotional Re-Exams with flying colours! For more information on Educationist's Maths Tution, Click Here.

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