Modular Math Program for Secondary 1 and 2 Pupils by Math Arena

Math Arena will be opening a Modular Math Program for Secondary 1 and 2 pupils.

This is a structured yet flexible modular system of learning where pupils are able to attend any 10 sessions of lessons within 1 Semester. More sessions can be added if pupils require more help.

The pupils will discuss with the teacher which modules they would like to work on. This will “generally follow the secondary school’s scheme of work but will have the flexibility to tackle other modules if desired.

The session will usually start with discussion of the concepts. Pupils will then work on worksheet materials and it will get progressively difficult and even challenging. If the pupil is weak on a particular topic, more time can be simply spent on it.

Class size will be small and likely to be a group size of 4. Pupil(s) need to inform us a week ahead which days he would like to take. However we can accommodate urgent changes within the time slots given. To find out the time slots, Click Here.

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