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The Singapore government and various Members of Parliament have voiced concerns about private tuition. Many have highlighted the stresses and pressures students are facing at school and have wondered if we are pushing our students too hard. 
He who believes that having private tuition is a personal choice that the student and parent must decide on their own. His students have benefited from private (one to one) home tuition. They have gained confidence tackling the difficult concepts presented to them, and have benefited from the personalized attention that one to one tuition provides. 
At school or at tuition centres, it is difficult to give each and every student such individualized, personal attention. That is where home tutors like himself come in. He strongly believes that well-qualified tutors like himself have a role to play in helping students strengthen their academic foundations and achieve better grades.
His aim is to make the learning experience a pleasant and enriching experience for all his students. 
So who is he? He is a private tutor specializing in Mathematics tuition and Statistics tuition for Junior College and Undergraduate levels. Click Here to Find Out More!

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