Leon Wu, the Specialist in H2 and H3 Math

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Why Choose LEON WU?

In the recently released A-Level 2008 results, 7 out of my 11 students score A.

2006 A-Level Results:
there are a total number of 12 of my students take the math paper, 10 of them score A, 2 of them score B.

Experienced H2 Math, F Math and Math C Tutor :
I have taught over 70 students from HCJC, RJC, VJC, NJC,TJC, ACJC, AJC, TPJC, CJC, JJC, SAJC, NYJC, PJC, YJC and MJC in the past 6 years, hence I am familiar with different JC's lecture notes and exam question style, and it helps me to plan my tuition in a way that suits you the best.

Effective Tuition :
Most of my students had problem passing their exams before starting my tuition, however 95% of them obtained A or B in A-level in the end.

Large Collection of JC Exam Papers :
To do well in Math the key factor is practice, and the quality and standard of the tuition material is extremely important. In my tuition, having the access to a large collection of 16 JCs exam paper from 2001 to 2008, including prelim exam, promote exam, mid-year and common test, you can always find the material you need to prepare for the coming exam

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