Maths Guru - Miss Loi

Miss Loi is a full-time private tutor in Singapore. Her life’s calling is to eradicate the terrifying Last-Minute Buddha Foot Hugging (LMBFH) Syndrome off the face of this planet. As such, she has been saving helping countless desperate students through regular joss sticks sessions for the past 18 years (and counting). Regardless of whether the students are from the so-called ‘elite’ schools, neighbourhood schools, GEP, IP, IB, or whatever twisted concoction the MOE conjures up, Miss Loi has seen and handled them all.

And by the way, she specializes in O-Levels Additional/Elementary Mathematics and possesses the eerily prophetic ability to ’spot’ the right questions that will appear in upcoming tests/exams.
WARNING: A typical joss sticks session with Miss Loi involves 100% ALL-OUT TEACHING, instead of just sitting and watching her student do last week’s assignment. May Buddha have mercy on those who turn up without doing their homework …

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