Michael's Singapore GCE O level Elementary and Additional Mathematics Tuition

My name is Michael Toh and I am a full time private tutor specialising in maths tuition for the Singapore Cambridge GCE Ordinary level Additional Mathematics examinations.

I specialise in tuition for the Singapore GCE O level A Maths syllabuses. Tutoring is not just a matter of having scored distinctions in the Singapore GCE O and A levels yourself in the past. If that is the case, I would be tutoring in Accounting, English and Chinese since I scored As in those subjects at GCE Advanced level.

Tutoring involving constantly looking how best to impart concepts and approaches so as to ensure that minimum effort is required on the part of the student. This involve analysing the syllabus objective, how the actual examinations ask questions and how best to assist each and every student reach their full potential in the subject in question.

You can find more information about my track record and teaching style by clicking Mathematics Tuition and Maths Tuition Style links in the main menu on the left.

If you are looking for a mathematics tutor, you can call or SMS me at 97228288 or CLICK HERE to view my website. 

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